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We build WordPress websites using the industry leading content management system. Providing you with a solid foundation that allows your website to grow as your business grows, as well as offering complete flexibility when it comes to design choices and content additions.

At Priority, we believe that our clients should have the right website that works for them. Each site is tailored to your needs. The mix of strong content and visuals should clearly display the product features and benefits of your services, in a clean and attractive layout. We combine good layout design with intelligent technology, and ultimately create a website that works for you.

Your website is arguably the most important tool, visible 24/7, so it should engage, and deliver results. And it has to do that across desktops, tablets and mobile phones. The secret is in clean, simple, easy to understand language and great code. That’s what we’re great at.

With website packages from $700, can your business afford not to have a web presence?

We'll Help You

Give your business greater presence.
Stand out from the crowd.
Be accessible to a wider customer base.

We'll Build You

A website that works for you.
A clean, modern and eye catching website.
A website that works well across all types of devices.

We Offer You

An affordable website for your business.
A free domain name for a year.
A no-nonsense approach to getting the job done.


Our Services

WordPress Templates

We build WordPress websites, allowing for massive customisation to your site, in every area. Stunningly designed templates allow your business's site to take shape just how you want it, no matter how big or small.

Website packages starting at under $1000
Copywriting services if required
SEO ‘health checks’ on your site
WordPress maintenance
Integration of third party plugins for extra functionality

WordPress websites
An Ace Up Your Sleeve

By building our websites within the WordPress cms, it makes it easy for you to update, change or add content to your site in the future. So, any time you need to add a product, write a blog post or manage customers, the power is in your hands. We can even give you the tools and the knowledge to make those changes – we'll be there every step of the way!

Give Yourself a Boost

Advertising and marketing are of course an important (and costly!) part of any business venture. We can help you get a head start on standing out from the crowd, without immediately reaching for your wallet. Within our website packages, we offer:

Google my Business Page Creation
Organisation Schema Setup
Online Directory Listings Creation
Google Analytics Reports


Our Work

Below is a selection of our previous projects. Each project bought with it the challenges, and rewards, of helping a variety of different business owners, each with specific business models and needs. At Priority, we find that a open channel of discussion, between us and our clients, is a must. It ensures they are kept abreast of any, and all, changes with their project, as well as meaning that we can easily communicate any needs we have, regarding specific resources or business information, needed for any given aspect of a site we are working on.

The Armoury - Performance, Nutrition & Mindset

Why: A fitness startup in Australia, which initially needed a site for their blog content. As they grew, it expanded into a number membership only online courses, run through the site.

How: By integrating a membership access framework into the site, we then built out each course requested by the clients from scratch, with subscription tiers based on their requirements.


Red Hot Express Couriers

Why: Never having had proper web presence, the business owners asked us to build a mobile friendly site, from the ground up.

How: Integrating a clean and simple WordPress template, we also added custom built courier zone delivery maps, and integration with a third party, online ordering portal.



Why: The business had previously had a very “lo-fi” site, but since re-branding his company, the owner required a more up-to-date offering in line with the company’s new look, and a desire for better Google ranking.

How: Mixing a modern, yet understated template layout, with all the information the business owner needed to get across to prospective customers – the final product does that to a tee.


Zephyr Electrical

Why: The owner had never had any web presence before, so requested a basic site, as well as online directory listings and a Google my Business page.

How: By customising a modern, lightweight template, we were able to provide the business owner with a mobile friendly site that ticks all their boxes.




“As a tyre business I have a lot of local competition, so it’s important for me to stand out and be seen by potential new customers. The website Priority built for my business has just done that. They made the whole process nice and straightforward and were always very helpful and accommodating with any changes I wanted to make along the way. Top work!”

Keiran Stuart Owner Tyreman, Mount Maunganui

"When we took over the business, one of the first things we wanted in order to bring it into the 21st Century, was a professional business website. We had quite a lot of information we needed to get across to our existing clients and potential new customers, and Priority helped us piece together and structure all that into the website we have today. They have always been very helpful with any updates we’ve wanted to make, explaining the details to us, and stepping us through the process, meaning that we’ve always been pleased with the results and how our business now looks online."

Chad Parsons Managing Director Red Hot Express Couriers, Tauranga

"As fitness professionals, we need to have a space to share resources and information with clients to help them achieve their goals. Unfortunately, as a fitness professional, I’m not the most technically minded of people. I needed someone who could talk to me as a layman about what I needed from a website, then translate those needs into the technical requirements. Priority did exactly that.
They understood the requirements of the site we envisioned, and understood our needs too, as a part of the process. They were patient and helpful in making sure we knew everything we needed to know from a technical perspective, and that we were ongoing collaborators in the whole process."

Richard Wheeler Co-Founder The Armoury, Gold Coast - Australia

“I’d never had a company website before, so the whole process was very much a new thing for me. From the outset, Priority were always very clear, concise and helpful with the details they needed from me to build the website. I was incredibly happy with the end result and really feel this site has put my business on the map”

Bryan Murrell Director Zephyr Electrical, Te Puke

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